No more upset

All the weird thoughts in my head magically left me after trip to waterfall in mountains. I understood that all my problems are caused or made out by myself and if I want to feel good nobody but me can help me in it.



Art: James Tissot's Paintings

James Jacques Joseph Tissot is a French painter who is famous by his female paintings and Bible illustration. 
Observing his works makes my heart beat faster.
All that warm colors, mysterious or wise calm eyes of models, the spirit of XIX century are real inspiration for me and they satisfy my art-hunger. 

So here are his works! Enjoy!

The Fireplace

A Passing Storm

October 1877

The news

By the Thames at Richmond
The Boat


Books: Guy de Maupassant 'Bel-Ami'

Today I've bought 2 amazing books and started reading on of them. I should tell that I find Literature of XIX-XX centuries the most emotional, but conventional,  tensional, filled with real forgotten feelings,but totally appropriate to nowadays. It's a great pleasure for me to read creation of such a great writer as Guy de Maupassant his world-wide famous novel called 'Bel-Ami'

And here are some quotes by Maupassant:
"There is only one good thing in life, and that is love. "
"Our memory is a more perfect world than the universe: it gives back life to those who no longer exist." 
"Great minds that are healthy are never considered geniuses, while this sublime qualification is lavished on brains that are often inferior but are slightly touched by madness." 
"A sick thought can devour the body's flesh more than fever or consumption." 


Mood'n'music: Something is to be changed

Not only jolly and lifeadorable thoughts are in my head. Autumn is coming and I can feel it deep depressed breathe behind my shoulders, it tries to catch me and I hardly can run away.

I'm alone. I fall asleep alone and get up alone, I make tea by myself for myself and this is stable point about me. A lot of people find me weird but I don't pay too much attention at that point. 

I live, I dress up, I study, I move through my life in my own chosen way. I'm not gonna change anything.   

To listen:


Morning coffee and ordinarity

Day has been started and is being ended as usual, not boringly but as usual.

Dark nails and childish dress. Everything is almost okay with me, not with the world, just with me.


Meeting day

Yesterday I just set off from home to coop with some of my trifle business and I received a call from Katia and Natasha. They both have recently come back home and wanted to meet me. I was really happy! Finally I managed to see my dear group-mates! We took a few photos of each other! 








Meaningless trifles

I was wandering around second-hand shop today and I found one beautiful thing to keep my accessories  in. Look! It's a bit funny but very practical!

And my new favorite ear-rings!

Waldeck - Addicted

Music: Electro-punk or indietronics?

Not much things to say just listen to these crazy girl's music!


Messy thoughts

Today and yesterday I have been thinking a lot about general values such as love and happiness.

Though love is the thing that I hasn't experienced yet and happiness is the thing I understand not much about. Nevertheless I realized that the major part in puzzle of my 'happiness-picture' is feeling that I'm doing something essential, that I'm moving forward and that I'm not waisting my time. So woke up this morning I turned on my computer and set down to learning Polish.

Besides that I found amazing book about photography art for beginners and now I'm reading it with huge pleasure! 

Lee Frost 'Photography: Questions and answers'

And the last thing what I've done - I've practiced my Photoshop skills and made a collage with pictures from TOPSHOP online shop. 

I hope you didn't waist your time! Be active! xxx


Places: Lviv

Me and dear girls decided to go to Lviv for a few days a months ago when we were suffering from test period and finally a week ago we booked a room in comfortable nice hotel in Lviv and spent 2 nights there! We really spent time amazingly great so that we didn't wanted to come back home. Lviv is city of stunning architecture and nice people.

Thanks to our friends Vova (and his friends) and Kolia, whom showed us the city and gave some good advices about where to go and what to do.

And now enjoy the pictures from our a few days adventure.

At first architecture looks

And now several photos of me and guys.

Here's me and Nastia drawing at 'Livyi Bereg' café.

Nastia is fighting with Vova

Alina, Vova, Nastia

After shopping in King Cross Leopolis


Baileys cheered us up at the first night in Lviv

And this is me fell in deep thoughts after glass of Baileys :)

Coming back home by train

I hope you had a great time too