Places: Lviv

Me and dear girls decided to go to Lviv for a few days a months ago when we were suffering from test period and finally a week ago we booked a room in comfortable nice hotel in Lviv and spent 2 nights there! We really spent time amazingly great so that we didn't wanted to come back home. Lviv is city of stunning architecture and nice people.

Thanks to our friends Vova (and his friends) and Kolia, whom showed us the city and gave some good advices about where to go and what to do.

And now enjoy the pictures from our a few days adventure.

At first architecture looks

And now several photos of me and guys.

Here's me and Nastia drawing at 'Livyi Bereg' café.

Nastia is fighting with Vova

Alina, Vova, Nastia

After shopping in King Cross Leopolis


Baileys cheered us up at the first night in Lviv

And this is me fell in deep thoughts after glass of Baileys :)

Coming back home by train

I hope you had a great time too


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