Books: Guy de Maupassant 'Bel-Ami'

Today I've bought 2 amazing books and started reading on of them. I should tell that I find Literature of XIX-XX centuries the most emotional, but conventional,  tensional, filled with real forgotten feelings,but totally appropriate to nowadays. It's a great pleasure for me to read creation of such a great writer as Guy de Maupassant his world-wide famous novel called 'Bel-Ami'

And here are some quotes by Maupassant:
"There is only one good thing in life, and that is love. "
"Our memory is a more perfect world than the universe: it gives back life to those who no longer exist." 
"Great minds that are healthy are never considered geniuses, while this sublime qualification is lavished on brains that are often inferior but are slightly touched by madness." 
"A sick thought can devour the body's flesh more than fever or consumption." 

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